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Studies show that the computer keyboard, the phone receiver, and the desk are worse than the bathroom in terms of micro-organisms! Our cleaning services will clean telephones, keyboards and phone receivers, santising them to reduce risks of germs spreading. Keyboards often collect skin cells, hair, and food, turn it upside down and tap it on your desk to see what we mean!

Let us give you a competitive quote for anything from a one off clean, to our twice yearly or every quarter solution. The more you have the service the more germs you will keep at bay, reducing those nasty office germs spreading around the office. Might even help you reduce your staffs absence!

News Flash

June 2009 - There have now been more than 1000 cases of swine flu in the UK.

We are now even busier than normal; please book early to ensure the hygiene within your working environment is under control.

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